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Race Against The Sun... Album Update

Ladies and Gentleman of metal, We are proud to announce the forthcoming release of the new Dethonator album, Race Against The Sun: Part One. This album has been three years in the making and is unquestionably the most accomplished, vibrant and diverse collection of music that we have ever recorded. We hope you enjoy the killer cover artwork below, courtesy of All4band.com. Following the loose conceptual theme of classic horror, the track listing for Race Against The Sun: Part One is as follows:-

I: When Lucifer Fell II: Nightmare City III: Burial Ground IV: Ulflag V: Ghost of the Rolling Horizon VI: Pyroclastic VII: The Hangman VIII: Narcisside IX: Terror By Night X: Sharp’s Cairn

The album is being digitally launched on February 1st 2019 through Pavement Entertainment. An independent physical release will be available through the band themselves from the same date. The album launch party is the day after at The Dev, Camden, London on the 2nd of February, where physical copies and merchandise will be available, so we hope to see you there! In the meantime, over the next three months, watch this space for incoming music videos, track breakdowns, and other pre-release teasers. We hope you are looking forward to hearing Race Against The Sun: Part One as much as we are champing at the bit to share it with you!