PowerMetal.De - Translation into English

There are Lps which still leave you clueless, even after listening to them for a lot of times. The new
Lp of Dethonator is definitely one of those [...] Fans of the previous works of the band will be glad to hear 
that the main ingredients are still the same: Heavy metal, seasoned with hints of thrash metal. As a 
novelty there are now more melodic metal influences, which really benefit the overall sound of the band.

The main recipe is the following: staccato riffing and palm-muted thrash vibes in the verse and then 
power and melodies in the chorus. The opener "When lucifer fell", which is a bit unspectacular, follows
exactly that recipe. The following track "Nightmare city" is similar in structure. The verse riffing is modern
but doesn't really stand out. The following chorus on the other hand really blows you away. How do 
these guys write such goddamn awesome choruses? I don't know. Gotta keep listening. Maybe I will 
know after "Burial Ground". "Gangshouts - same old recipe" you might think at first, but then they 
surprise you with growled vocals. The next song "Ulflag" surprises with a pounding riff and changing
vocals between growls and the versatile vocals of Tris Lineker. I especially dig the instrumental 
arrangement of the song. "Ghost of the rolling Horizon" is the longest track with its 6 and a half minutes
and is a bit folky. Interesting arrangements and outstanding vocals make this track  a highlight of 
the lp. The next song "pyroclastic" sounds a bit like Sentenced on speed. Not bad! The next song 
"The hangman" starts with folky, quiet touches and then changes drastically. "Narcisside" has a chorus
that is balancing between being annoying but also a super catchy earworm. The last tracks are
"Terror by night" with nice heavy metal elements and lightning fast melodic metal vocals and 
"Sharp's Cair", which is a bit too confused for my taste.

Let's wrap this review up. The band rarely sounds like a typical british metal band. The riffing is 
often very modern, which goes well with the growled vocals. On the other hand, there are a lot of
very traditional sounding lead guitars. I still don't really know what to make of this album but it is 
definitely intriguing.

7/10 points