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Dethonator -


I'm gonna be honest and admit that I initially didn't want to give this band a listen after seeing the 

CD artwork. I finally succumbed and gave it a shot and was extremely positively surprised. Those 

Britons really know how to play real and original heavy metal that just sounds very good due to the

great vocals of guitarist and vocalist Tris Lineker. What I especially like about the band is that they

didn't jump on the retro-train and don't try to sound like any arbitrary british classic (I don't want to 

name any names here). No, I am really thrilled by their album, which somehow sounds timelessly 

good. On the album you'll find fireworks of great riffs and choruses. Incredible. Also the growled vocals

of Adz Lineker pleasantly add to the whole. Dethonator are a great newcomer band!.


conclusion: Cover sucks, music is great! 12/15 points