Race Against The Sun: Part Two

Released: November 27th 2020

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"Wow... a delight to listen to... few manage to capture their ideas so perfectly." 9/10 GBHBL

"A Magnum Opus." 9/10


Race Against The Sun: Part One

Released: February 1st 2019

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"DETHONATOR have delivered a stunning work, the ten tracks are not only great but at times they travel into the zone of brilliance." 9/10


"With “Race Against The Sun (Pt.I)” DETHONATOR are already bringing out an early candidate for the top ten of the year."  9/10


Dethonator (self-titled)
Killer Metal Records, Germany


Released: February 2017

"A fresh and dynamic take on thrash, putting melodies and vocal ideas first, which again, is a defining element of thrash from this territory. With a proper new album coming in 2017, Dethonator may end up being the last U.K. thrash band standing." 8/10

Dead Rhetoric

"And that’s just the tip of the iceberg here, because what these youngsters throw at the hungry fans here is some of the finest heavy/power metal the Kingdom has produced in a long time!" 9/10

The Metal-Observer

Monuments to Dead Gods (E.P)

Available on all major digital streaming platofrms 04/03/2022

Originally released: October 2014


Return To Damnation

Released: 2013


"If you can appreciate modern heavy metal with a huge chunk of prog and a thrashy edge, then you should definitely give ‘Return To Damnation’ that chance to grow" 78/100

Lord of Metal