Legacy Magazine (Germany) - Translation into English

Legacy 12/15


Genre: True metal off the beaten track


Here comes the first serving of true metal in 2019. Time for friends of epic tunes along the lines of 

Visigoth and their musical predecessors to prick up their ears. Songs like "The Hangman" and "Ghost Of 

The Rolling Horizon" will be exactly up your alley. There's one thing though, which really sets the Britons

of Dethonator apart. They have no fear of breaking genre boundaries and thus you will hear influences ranging

from Morbid Angel to Amon Amarth - from Exodus to Blind Guardian. Dethonator dance between 

fine folk melodies and catchy growls ("Terror In The Night" or the viking-highlight "Ulflag") and when they 

floor the gas pedal (like in the outstanding "Burial Ground") you can hear some sunny California thrash 

shining through. Every replay of the album let's you discover something new and let's the songs grow. 

Whilst the "metal fashion police" might ponder if Dethonator's style mix is too bold, I, the reviewer strongly ask 

for more! And since the Lp has "Part One" in the subtitle I am very much looking forward to their next

offering. Great, great album!